Special Olympics Canada 2012-2017 Strategic Plan

What SOR Offers

Our vision is to continue to improve and expand the quality, opportunity and accessibility of sport to individuals with an intellectual disability. Along with this, we will strive to improve upon both the awareness and support of the community in regards to Special Olympics Canada and those involved with us.

We provide all athletes with choices in their opportunity to train and to compete;
Be accessible and open to all athletes with an intellectual disability, regardless of their ability. Be a change agentfor social inclusion advocating for and providing all athletes with opportunities for integration through sport. Be recognized as an integral and valued part of the sport delivery system by working in partnership with sport organizations.

We continually strive to design and provide quality programs and services for our members and supporters, which includes; top quality training for athletes and coaches and a high level of support for athletes in training and competition including a strong focus on their personal health, well-being and safety.
It is important to us that we promote a high level of community awareness so that people know who we are, what we provide and how to access opportunities.
Be an integral and valued part of communities, such that if we failed to exist there would be an outcry in the community.
Have a strong committed group of volunteers;
Provide opportunities for all athletes in the movement to have input into and access decision-making processes. Ensure that people know where to voice their concerns and that they have an opportunity to be heard. Be accountable to our members and partners, and decision-making processes will be transparent, clear, fair and understood;
Constantly challenge ourselves to enrich the lives of Canadians with an intellectual disability through sport.
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